Our Lexington ...Fresh Start
Join the effort to give Lexington County a Fresh Start Justin Britt for Lexington Sheriff!

Vote in the Republican Primary Election March 3rd, 2015 and the General Election - April 21st, 2015!

Community-based policing is a cornerstone of Justin's approach. As a collaborative partnership between a law enforcement agency and the individuals and organizations they serve, the primary goal is to develop solutions to problems and increase the trust in the sheriff's department. Justin vows to be a working, transparent sheriff who will strive to create community partnerships with the citizens of Lexington County, non-profits/service providers, private businesses, and other government agencies.

Justin has a tireless work effort and believes in leading by example. No stranger to hard work, he is a "boots on the ground" type of leader. People say that Justin leads by example; operates in a fair and forthright manner; understands the law; builds cohesive teams; accepts responsibility and is relentless in accountability; and Justin has a passion for action.

Justin Britt seeks your vote and support as Lexington County Sheriff. This is our Lexington. And we need a fresh start.

If you would like to reach Justin, call 803-960-5529 or email Serving you, Justin is already prepared to take your call or call you back in a timely manner.